Festival Season for Orchestra

Josiah Majors, Reporter

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The three Clovis High orchestras performed at the CUSD and CMEA festivals on March 16 and March 20.

The CUSD festival was held at Clovis North in the Paul Shagoian Hall and the CMEA festival was held at Sunnyside High School.  

Both of these festivals included judging by local professional musicians and working with the same musicians in a short 20-minute clinic after the stage performance.

“It was really cool being able to work with the judges after performing,” junior Allee Her said, “It was a great learning experience for us to get better.”

The three divisions of orchestra at Clovis High are Blue (beginner players), Gold (intermediate players), and Chamber (advanced players).

Les Nunes teaches the Blue orchestra while Esmeralda Rocha-Lozano teaches the Gold and Chamber orchestras.

All three bands received high scores at each festival but the real highlight was when the chamber orchestra performed.

“I am extremely happy with how our orchestras performed,” Orchestral Director Lozano said, “This has been a great year for us and I couldn’t be prouder of these kids.”

The Chamber orchestra played “Hebrides Suite,” “She Will Hang the Night with Stars,” and “Symphonie Espagnole.”

Each piece brought something new to the table to keep the audience entertained.

“All three of these pieces were challenging in their own way,” senior Vannessa Minnis said, “But that was part of the fun of getting to master these pieces.”

The four-movement “Hebrides Suite” took influence from Irish based melodies and is generally fast-paced and energetic.

“She Will Hang the Night With Stars” takes a step down and slows the pace to create a gentle and emotional piece that contains various melodies from all the string instruments.

“Symphonie Espagnole” closed the Chamber orchestra’s performance with a bang since this piece is faster, louder, and more aggressive than the other two pieces and also has stylistically contrasting sections.

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Festival Season for Orchestra