Disneyland Ticket Prices Rise Again

Payton Mayer, Reporter

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Disneyland ticket prices have once again increased from $110 to $117 and at a “peak” price of $135 which was first reported by Time magazine. Seasonal passes also increased to about $100, placing season pass prices a little under $1,000.

The main purpose that Disneyland, along with Disney World, has for the increasing prices is to decrease their attendance: and that is most likely not going to work.

People are still going to go to Disneyland and Disney World and people are willing to pay the increased prices. While families might disagree with the idea of the new prices, they will still attend the “happiest place on earth.”

I think that the increase in pricing is a good motion, but also a bad one.

The positive aspect of raising ticket prices is that the attendance will decrease a little bit and the desire to go to Disneyland will diminish as well.

I overheard one woman discussing the trip she went on with her two daughters and her husband over spring break and said that Disneyland was “practically empty,” probably due to the increased ticket prices.

At a time when the attendance, one would think, would be high since students will be out of school, it was actually lower than expected. This is probably due to some schools not being on spring break, but it also might show hope for this price increase tactic.

However, this could also be bad. Like spring break, summertime could also show a decrease in attendance. The summer season is the time of year where Disneyland and Disney World make most of their money.

But yet again, who is not going to go to any Disney park. Disney has created the happiest places in the world with mouth watering aromas from park concessions, exhilarating roller coasters and lovable characters. Kids would be enthralled to go to any Disney park to have a picture with Mickey Mouse.

This ticket price increase is testing the waters making it possible for a larger decrease in attendance than originally expected. But adults and children alike love Disney parks making it a desirable experience. The ticket price hike isn’t threatening anything quite yet.


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Disneyland Ticket Prices Rise Again