Breaking Records at Arcadia

Payton Mayer, Reporter

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Selected Clovis High runners (including senior Jake Woods and senior Nathaniel Barry) attended one of the biggest track meets in the state of California and one of the biggest in the nation–the Arcadia Invitational–this past Saturday.

The Arcadia Invitational, which is named after Arcadia High School located in Los Angeles, hosted about 964 track and field teams ranging from here in the California all the way across the state to New Jersey. This meet leads Clovis High into their last few Tri-Athletic River Conference (TRAC) games before the TRAC championship.

There were plenty of runners and stories, but the biggest story came from Woods who broke a 54 year-old school record in the 110 meter hurdle in 14.40 seconds. The previous record was held by Bill Rice who ran the 110 meter hurdle in 14.64 seconds.

“Dang, that kid is fast,” said track and field coach Bill Buettner about hurdler Woods. “He was moving so fast he took the lead at the third to last hurdle, but tripped up on the last hurdle allowing the runners to catch up leading him to finish third.”

Although I was unable to attend, I watched the video of him running the race and Buettner was right, he is fast.

Woods got off to a slow start falling to fifth at the beginning of the race. “I felt like I got off quick, but when I saw myself behind them I knew I had ground to pick up,” said Woods.

And he did just that.

Woods was able to clear the next few hurdles taking the lead at the third to last hurdle. He had the lead and the last hurdle he tripped over slowing his pace down causing him to finish the race at third.

“I began to get into a rhythm giving me the ability to get into the lead,” said Woods. “Unfortunately, I couldn’t pass the last hurdle and I lost the race, a race I knew I should’ve won.”

Although Woods lost the race, he understood what he had accomplished, breaking a 54 year-old school record. After being congratulated on breaking a record and setting a new one that is going to even be harder to break, Woods simply said, “thanks.”

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Breaking Records at Arcadia