Heading Into the Wild (A.K.A. College)

Jordyn Ohashi, Reporter

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Imagine thousands of people trying to get situated with hovering nervous parents on a hot summer day. It’s move in day. Colleges have only a few days when students are allowed to move into their dorms, and it is mass chaos. Boys and girls alike try to fit all of their junk into a small dorm with 1 to 2 other people.

I will be one of the thousands of people moving into the dorms next year at UC San Diego. In preparation I have done extensive research by scavenging Pinterest and reading people’s blogs about their move in system.

There are three stages before completely moving into your college: packing, moving in, and organizing.  

The summer before college, you are preparing to move to a completely different place and live on your own.  Generally, this is the first time you will be on your own in 17 years. That’s more than a decade. You should prepare. A good place to start is by cleaning up your social media and researching different clubs or organizations you can join. I give you this advice since it is your chance to begin with a clean slate since admissions, future employers, or future roomies will be able to see your social media. Getting involved is an easy way to make new friends. The next part is planning what you are going to take. You have limited space and you should use it wisely.

There have been countless numbers of people before you who have moved into dorms and many have posted their packing lists online; this is an easy way for you to start and you can tweak it to your liking. To maximize your space think about bed risers to create storage under your bed or a shoe organizer on the door of your closet. Keep in mind there are minimal outlets and a flexible powerstrip would be helpful. You never know who will be coming into your room since you are sharing a room with up to 3 people; it would be advisable to have some lock box or safe to insure the safety of your belongings. A first aid kit for the whole room can also come in handy for anything from a small cut to a raging fever. Labeling everything, pre-hanging clothes, packing things together like shower stuff and desk stuff, etc. can make moving in easier.

Due to the small size of your dorm, a majority of the time spent in your room will be in bed or on your bed. Thus showing the importance of a collected bed. A simple comforter can be  accessorized with a throw blanket and decorative pillows. The most important purchase for your bed is the mattress topper to turn a cheap mattress bed into a comfy, homey bed.

Moving in can be stressful and doing as much as you can before is helpful. Unpacking the fan first (especially if you don’t have air conditioning), doing a thorough inspection of room for damages, arrive early, unpack bed stuff first and other big items. A promising piece of advice I keep hearing is if you have to do other things on moving day don’t wait until after unpacking divide and conquer since lines are shorter.

The final stage is organizing. Since you are in a small space clutter makes dorms look disastrous. Organizing everything you have in to boxes or bins makes a huge difference. Make the space your own add posters, lights, etc. You are going to be living there for a year; creating your own clean space can positively affect you so you can focus on the reason you are at school, to learn.  

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Heading Into the Wild (A.K.A. College)