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Clovis High’s annual Men’s Conference was cancelled due to a lack of students signing up. The event was scheduled to take place on April 3, the day we returned from spring break.

Rather than reschedule the event and advertise to get more students to sign up, the event and the $2,000 budget were pushed to the side according to Men’s Conference event planner and senior Tallon McKay.

Instead, all male students were invited to attend the Women’s Conference which took place a week after on April 10.

Senior, and Women’s Conference planner, Sammie Kandarian said, “Women’s Conference is always open to both genders, but since the Men’s Conference got cancelled this year due to lack of attendance, I think the guys took advantage of the opportunity to join ours.”

“About 20 guys showed up to the Women’s Conference,” said McKay, “it’s too bad because Nick Amparano, Christian Lucas, and I spent about three months planning this out and trying to make it a cool event for the guys.”

According to McKay, the event was set to include food and beverages from Panera Bread and Starbucks to go along with speeches and presentations from former NFL players, local business owners, and CHS English teacher Thomas Craig.

“The planning was fantastic and it was too bad their conference got cancelled because the guys would’ve had a lot of fun,” said Kandarian, “Hopefully next year they will make it happen.”

Senior Nick Amparano claimed that their goal was to get 50 men to sign up, however, that goal was not reached which ultimately led to the event’s cancellation.

“Hopefully next year the event will come back and there will be more support,” added Amparano.

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