CHS’s First Robotics Team Performs in Valley Competition

Chloe Swinney, Reporter

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Clovis High’s first robotics team performed in its first Seventh Central Valley Regional Robotics Competition April 6-8. The team faced off against nearly 50 other teams and placed second among the other handful of rookie teams.

“The robot performed very well,” said robotics team advisor and chemistry teacher Monica Carter. “There were a few computer miscommunications and a hard drive issue but we did pretty well for a rookie team!”

At the competition, the team formed alliances with other robotics teams with which they competed in different rounds of relays. In these relays, the robots were required to perform various tasks such as carrying and gathering more boxes than the other team, running autonomously for 15 seconds without human direction, and even climb structures.

According to freshman Sam Mendonca, the robot, nicknamed Cthulu, was able to complete these tasks with few problems, struggling only when a mobile hotspot interfered with the robot’s wifi connection.

However, the team’s ranking took a hit after competing against the robots of five of the most experienced and successful teams, but they had a great time and consider the competition a major success.

“Oh it was so much fun! Exhausting but fun!” said Carter. “The kids learned so much.”

After hours and hours of dedicated preparation, the team performed with few issues and were pleased with their performance. Ranking aside, they enjoyed competing and felt that they did extremely well.  

“Things went pretty smooth,” said senior Kay Makely. “It was very interesting.”

Moving forward, the team is optimistic for the future and welcomes new team members for the coming year.

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CHS’s First Robotics Team Performs in Valley Competition