Library Appreciation

Marlem Reyes, Reporter

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I was a little kid who loved going to the library. I would be ecstatic when it was time to go into the library and spend time carefully picking out colorful books to take home. I would walk out of the library carrying my weight in picture books.

But recently, in this age when entertainment is at our fingertips and time is always of the essence, libraries are becoming underappreciated.

I believe libraries are still an invaluable resource to the community despite being woefully underused. It’s quite sad really, our local library is nearby and full of potential.

Sometimes even our school library services go underappreciated!

Yet this year, Clovis High Leadership made sure to demonstrate appreciation for our school librarians on behalf of the student body.

On Tuesday, the CHS Library entrance was decorated in gratitude of our librarians. “Breaking News!! We have the best librarians ever!” the decorations announced.

“It’s a very sweet gesture,” librarian Cindy Boyd said, “I’m thankful.”

The Clovis High Library occasionally sets out a table of books for students to take home for free. Our school library also has 36 computers available, tutors, printers, supplies, and other services. Simply “stay on the lookout,” Clovis High librarian Jennifer Linares said.

Believe it or not, but libraries are more than just books. Even though that’s the front headline…

The Clovis Public Library has a myriad of services available. From ancestry indexes, federal government research, printers, computers, copy and fax machines, to DVDs.

The Clovis Library located on 5th Street, performs weekly activities for the public. The activities range from toddler storytime, recipe exchange, and crafts.  

The Clovis Library also has Young Adult Book Giveaways each Friday, simply fill out a form online and wait.

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Library Appreciation