I Feel Pretty

Emma Streich, Reporter

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(Spoilers ahead!)

“I Feel Pretty”, Amy Schumer’s newest movie took the No. 3 box office spot, following “Rampage” at No. 2 and “A Quiet Place” continuing to reign at No.1.

Women everywhere are being told just how beautiful they are through this new movie.

Renee Bennett (Amy Schumer), a woman who struggles with insecurities about her looks and weight, falls at a spin bike class and wakes up believing she is the most beautiful woman in the world. This causes her to live her life so full of confidence she feels she can do anything.

She applies for the job at Lily LeClaire, a fictional major makeup brand, that only a few days prior she swore she would never get.

Schumer’s character moves from receptionist to Avery LeClaire’s (Michelle Williams) go-to girl. Schumer uses her knowledge of being an ordinary, “not beautiful” girl to help the brand. She encourages the LeClaire’s to sell at Target, put brushes with the makeup for easier application, and make it cheaper.

Eventually she falls out of this trance when she hits a shower door, knocking her momentarily unconscious. She wakes up feeling as if something has changed. When she finally looks in the mirror she sees herself as ugly once again.

It’s not until she steps in front of the crowd at the LeClaire unveiling of a new makeup line and sees side by side pictures of herself that she realizes she never changed.

After this realization, she changes her speech and begins to tell the women how they are beautiful just the way they are, and how LeClaire makeup is for everyone, even though everyone is beautiful without it.

Overall, the movie was woman-empowering and gave women of all ages the knowledge that they are beautiful no matter if they are short or tall, skinny or a little chubby, wear makeup or don’t. The message that Schumer sends is a positive one for every girl.

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I Feel Pretty