Senior Advice

Justin Lowery, Reporter

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It’s true what they say: senior year really does go by in the blink of the eye. It can also be a stressful time as you figure out what college you are going to, what major you want to study, making sure you apply for scholarships, and even preparation for graduation.

High school can be a hectic and stressful time, but my four years at Clovis High has taught me many lessons. It might be cliche to give advice to lowerclassmen, but it can be helpful.

One of the main things I would suggest would be to get involved.

Whether it be through sports, music, or other co-curricular activities, you will definitely be glad that you are involved.

Being on a team or even a band helps you make friends and create bonds with people that will provide you with friendships throughout high school and possibly even after.

Also, being involved gives you something to do in your downtime and will keep you busy.

Another piece of advice I would give is to always try your absolute best in the classroom and don’t think you’re “too cool for school”.

Being a hard worker in the classroom prepares you for your future and will instill a solid work ethic that will help you when you receive your first full-time job.

People might tell you that it doesn’t matter what you do in high school, but that isn’t true. Why waste your time sitting around and doing nothing when you could be enhancing your knowledge and preparing yourself for the real world?

Also, make sure you have a fun time and go to sporting events, school dances, and other events put on by the school. Go crazy and show your Clovis High school spirit.

As stressed and anxious as school might make us feel, it is important that we take advantage of all of the fun opportunities our four years of high school have to offer us. High school does not have to be the four years of torture that some people hyperbolize it to be.

High school will only be as fun as you make it.


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Senior Advice