Bungie Disappoints Again

Josiah Majors, Reporter

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American video game developer Bungie released “Warmind”, its newest expansion for “Destiny 2” on May 8.  

The expansion takes place on the northern pole of Mars where players meet up with legendary hunter Ana Bray to find and unlock the secrets of the long forgotten warmind: Rasputin.   

Sadly, that is about the full extent of what  this expansion offers story wise.

Just like the first expansion of the game “Curse of Osiris”, the story is short and offers little to the overarching story to “Destiny” which is a big deal to any veteran player, such as myself, who has been waiting four years now for the story to go somewhere.

This expansion only adds five new story missions, two strike missions–which are actually recycled story missions to be reworked as strikes–and a new raid lair.

This expansion is just proof of Bungie’s rinse and repeat process that they have been doing since the first “Destiny” game. Bungie seems to have forgotten that in order for people to want to play your game, there needs to be an incentive for players to keep coming back for more.

“Destiny” is the definition of wasted potential as it is a game that is a mile wide but an inch deep.

The game itself has a plethora of different game styles for people to play such as exploring the planets in the solar system, strike missions, competitive multiplayer, and the raids but all these game styles have no worth  because they offer no way for players to get better armor and weapons (other than the raid).

Bungie constricted players to only getting stronger by completing the milestones given every week on the weekly reset.

Milestones are the only incentive for players to come back every week and to get better equipment but the problem is you can easily complete all milestones in a couple hours and then have nothing to do in “Destiny” until the next weekly reset.

As long as Bungie keeps following this business model, players will eventually give up on this game that still has so much potential.

Overall, “Warmind” adds little to the gaming experience of “Destiny 2” and I would advise players to save their money and wait until Bungie gets their act together.  

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Bungie Disappoints Again