Overboard Stays Afloat

Marlem Reyes, Reporter

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It’s just over 30 years since Goldie Hawn tumbled off her yacht and into Kurt Russell’s arms in the original Overboard and Hollywood just rolled the remake of a hit movie (May 4). This is not the first time Hollywood has remade 80’s movies, Mad Max, Ghostbusters, Dirty Dancing, Poltergeist, Annie, Total Recall, Red Dawn, Friday the 13th, and Footloose.

Like a lot of those, Overboard tweaks the formula just enough to make it modern-ish. And like them too, loses some essential essence of what made the movies beloved in the first place.
This time around Overboard roles are switched. It’s a woman (Anna Faris) who’s the struggling single parent done wrong by a rich brat (Eugenio Derbez) on a boat.

Derbez is a superstar across Latin America (mostly Mexico), and for the most part he’s goofy. A lot of what works best in his role is the dialogue is in Spanish with subtitles, and the script factors in Mexican identity and pop culture as part of his American life.

The roles take to different humor, in different languages.

“Listen to me, medical people. As of now, I have a life history of a DIRTY garbage scow and a breakfast of EXTREMELY RUNNY eggs-over-easy. Now I REFUSE to be INCARCERATED in this semiprivate room.” Joanna Stayton played by Hawn.

“How come they don’t look like?” Leonardo played by Derbez said, “Soy esteril?!”
Yet there are some flaws, like any reboots. First, Faris and Derbez have zilch romantic chemistry. It would be impossible to match Hawn and Russell’s chemistry. They fell in love filming the first Overboard, and they’ve been together ever since. How can Faris and Derbez compete with that? They can’t, given that Derbez is married and Faris recently split with Chris Pratt.

Either way, the gender reversal allows the film to feel somewhat fresh despite it being a remake. The movie also expresses that people can be transformed by hard work and family love.

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Overboard Stays Afloat