A Major Addition to Fresno

Andraya Trutna, Reporter

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The city of Fresno has finally found a venue and singers for this year’s Music Festival called Grizzly Fest which Snoop Dogg will be performing at. The Music Festival is hosted by the General Populous and Kay Rich who is a DJ.  The event was extremely delayed because the event is going late into the night and people living nearby were concerned about the sound volume.

Eventually the City of Fresno decided to have it in Woodward park where it will be far enough away from the neighborhoods to not disturb them. The event will be taking place today and tomorrow and for both days the event will go from 2pm-midnight. There will be two separate stages spaced far away from each other where multiple acts will perform.

A major appeal of this event is not just its the first of many music festivals that will take place in Fresno but there are some well known artists who will be performing. Including Snoop Dogg, Foster the People, and The Dirty Heads. Of course Snoop Dogg is the major appeal to not only the press but the people as well. This can be supported by the fact that almost a whole month before the event almost all the tickets were sold out.

All in all this is an event that will most likely attract a large crowd and will be the talk of the town for awhile.

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A Major Addition to Fresno