2017-2018 Staff

Faith McKesson


Throughout her childhood, Faith McKesson wrote poems and lyrics in class, never shying away from an engaging writing prompt. Fascinated by the ability of writers to portray emotions and events without breathing a single word, Faith ...

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Marlem Reyes


Marlem Reyes was born in Selma and moved to Clovis in 2006. At a young age Marlem discovered a love for reading and like any curious person, an excitement for exploring the world. She loves to travel to new places, especially the ...

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Justin Franco


Justin Franco is a senior here at Clovis High School. He has enjoyed reading and writing from a young age and has enjoyed writing in all of his classes growing up. Justin enjoys being able to express himself through writing, and is...

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Natalie Jones


Natalie Jones is a senior at Clovis High and in her first year as a staff member for the Cougars Growl. She is looking forward to all the exciting challenges and adventures that are to come. Natalie is thrilled by the opportun...

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Andraya Trutna


Andraya Trutna is an incoming sophomore and is more than thrilled to be on the journalism team. She was born and raised in Clovis and attended Red Bank, Clark intermediate, and now Clovis high. She has attended multiple other el...

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Emma Streich


Emma Streich was born in Clovis, California. She is a kind, hardworking, and intelligent person. Emma enjoys running cross-country and track with her friends  because it helps her stay active while making new friends. She also en...

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Josiah Majors


Josiah Majors is currently heading into his senior year at Clovis High and will be trying something new with the Cougar's Growl.  He chose journalism on a dare from Mrs. Dorais,  but is still excited to join the  team and ...

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Chloe Swinney


Chloe Swinney is, among countless other things,  a nature enthusiast, devoted churchgoer, self-proclaimed Jane Austen expert, aspiring writer, and proud senior at Clovis High School. For as long as she can remember, Chloe has ...

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Jordyn Ohashi


Jordyn Ohashi is a senior at Clovis High school who loves to run, to read, and to travel.  She enjoys competing for the Clovis High cross country and track & field teams and is super excited to be a part of the Cougar’s ...

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Justin Lowery


Justin was originally born in Fresno but lived in both Selma and Ben before returning to Clovis in 2007. He attended Gettysburg Elementary, Clark, and now Clovis High. Sports and education have always been extremely important to ...

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Alexa VanHooser

Editor in Chief

Alexa VanHooser, like any high school student, is interested in exploring the world around her. Whenever she isn’t bogged down with homework, she enjoys coding websites, reading, and writing creative stories. As an avid me...

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Brooke Sauceda

Photo Editor

Brooke Sauceda is a junior at Clovis High School. She is thrilled to be a part of the Cougar’s Growl and have the opportunity to further her interest in journalism. At a young age she discovered her love for reading and writin...

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Payton Mayer

Sports Editor

When Payton Mayer first heard of this journalism program he almost lost his mind. From an early age he has always dreamed about being a top notch journalist with a focus on sports journalism. Payton would love to see this school p...

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