Andraya Trutna

Andraya Trutna is an incoming sophomore and is more than thrilled to be on the journalism team. She was born and raised in Clovis and attended Red Bank, Clark intermediate, and now Clovis high. She has attended multiple other elementary schools but she believes that Red Bank is her favorite. Andraya is a part of the Clovis High tennis team and she enjoys hiking, reading, and volunteering her time to helping others. Since she was little, Andraya has always enjoyed writing and has more than once thought about a career in literature. She thinks that being a part of journalism is a great way to develop this skill and see just where it can take her.

Andraya always tries to look at all perspectives of a situation and she loves how being in journalism will challenge her to do just that and much more. She is also excited to be in journalism because it will allow her to go to more school events and be more social

Andraya Trutna, Reporter

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