Marlem Reyes

Marlem Reyes was born in Selma and moved to Clovis in 2006. At a young age Marlem discovered a love for reading and like any curious person, an excitement for exploring the world. She loves to travel to new places, especially the cities, beaches, and small towns of Mexico. During her free time, she loves to be outdoors. After being inside classrooms all day who wouldn't? Marlem loves to hike and enjoys backpacking in Mexico during the summer. She lives with her mom, dad, little sister, two adorable dogs, and about a dozen chickens and goats. Her love for nature and animals is promoted by her parents, who are also nature enthusiasts. She hopes to spend some time studying abroad in college and experience new cultures and see new landscapes. She enjoys running with her cross country friends and is looking forward to meeting new people on the team. Beside schoolwork and practice, Marlem is one of the youth group coordinators at her church, every Friday night. Marlem aspires to be a biology major with a job in the medical field. She is an incoming junior and is very excited to learn a new style of writing in journalism.

Marlem Reyes, Reporter

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